Art Sessions

The power of art is finding your voice and saying what you have to say. 


Many times children and adults with disabilities are overlooked in the creative process.

ArtShop offers adapted group classes and adapted individual art sessions for children and adults with disabilities. This includes traumatic brain injuries, autism, cerebral palsy, down sydrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, mental health challenges and people with limited hand mobility and dexterity. People of all abilities can make art.  Art sessions are offered in the Twin Cities Metro Area and surrounding areas.

Group classes are available for your program.  Individual sessions are offered in the comfort of your home.  Classes and sessions are customized for each student's interests, and goals to explore the elements of art, develop imagination and teach fundamental art skills.  

The creative process requires many skills.  Learning fundamental art skills develops life skills that can transfer into other areas. 

LIfe and Job Skills :

  • Increased attention span
  • How to stay focused on a task to complete it.
  • Sequencing skills
  • Problem solving
  • How to regulate behavior through unexpected outcomes
  • How to make self directed decisions
  • Confidence in abilities and self expression 

Contact ArtShop if you are interested in group classes for your program or individual art sessions in your home.


Parent Testimonials for Indidvidual Art Sessions:


Art helps build Matthew’s self confidence because it is a natural talent that he has.  Art is a stress relief and something he can do when he is at loose ends.  He is a visual learner and seeing things differently is a valuable thing when you are creating art.”  

Jeanne (parent of 15 year old  artist with autism)

Nothing short of amazing….. for the person who is challenged to write a few sentences because of dysgraphia and other neurological conditions, we originally thought our child’s participation in some arts may be limited.  Well, who knew?  Our son has a talent for detailed pencil sketching.  With Danelle’s patient, insightful, and positive approach, we are watching his artwork come to life and his self- esteem internalize.  He eagerly awaits his sessions with Danelle and we are thankful for her flexible and thoughtful approach.

Laurie (parent of 15 year old artist)

Art allows Enzo to create and express himself without having to worry about being wrong.

Parents of 17 year old artist with autism

Artist quote:

I feel art in my memory; my head sees pictures.  Danelle is a patient, visual person, she makes me an artist!